Nritya Kala Mandir  

The school of Bharatanatyam, An Indian Classical Dance, established in 2001 by Mrs. Kanan Bhatt in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area..  

Nritya Kala Mandir provides a complete 7 year training in Bharatanatyam dance form concluding with an Arangetram Performance and further Post-Arangetram Advance Course.  We also offer courses in Indian Folk and Classical Fusion dance styles. 

In addition to the Bharatanatyam dance curriculum, we train students in short classical fusion dance items and provide ample opportunities to perform them in community events, temple celebrations and stage programs throughout the year. This boosts self-confidence and decrease stage fear in students.  

Also, we offer Adult Dance Classes, which are specifically put-together to relieve day to-day stress, increase stamina & coordination, and help manage weight, while learning steps to famous semi-classical & classical songs.  

Nritya Kala Mandirtrains students at 5 different locations across Toronto and the GTA:

·Scarborough ·Vaughan ·Brampton ·Ajax ·Markham